64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 13:47:36 MDT 2008

Justin Findlay wrote:
> Mono is orders of magnitude faster than JavaScript?  Javascript is
> implemented in my browser, whereas mono, I assume, must be provided by
> an external runtime like java is.  You might as well say that a java app
> is orders of magnitude than javascript, but in order to fully appreciate
> all that java speed traditionally you have to wait for the great java
> runtime to lumber into RAM and sit there just to run some client side
> webapp.

Actually, if you lay aside the patent minefield issue, and the
intellectual issues of playing follow the microsoft leader, Mono and
.net on linux is very fast.  Startup time for a graphical (GTK) mono
program is indistinguishable from the startup of a normal C GTK program
(or python, or whatever).  So even on a platform where .NET is fairly
alien (not integrated like in Windows), it's impact from a user pov is
negligible.  From a user's pov, Mono apps are fast, and well-integrated.
 In this sense .NET languages are much better than Java, which is not
well-integrated on any platform!  And Java's startup time isn't bad
these days either, so let's let this old piece of FUD die.

I personally am opposed to using .NET and Mono on patent and political
grounds (I haven't found anything a conventional desktop app yet that
Python wouldn't have been at least as good a fit as C#), technically
your arguments don't wash.

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