The Grandmother Paradox

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Wed Apr 23 09:00:26 MDT 2008

+++ Steve Morrey [23/04/08 03:17 -0600]:
> One of my clients, who also happens to be a grandmother, has recently
> decided she wants to get on the internet for the very first time (this is
> not a joke).


You describe a situation that I am betting THOUSANDS face in what to do with
older yet serviceable and working hardware. 

For several years I have run my primary office application, Lytec Windows, a
patient database program, in a virtual instance of Win 98se, running (I
SWEAR) on a pentium II 266 machine, which also was and still is running my
mail server (exim4), several mailman lists, and other applications. 

Is it possible to upgrade this lady's machine at least to 98se, which could
then allow her to run with a wider assortment of NIC's, among other things? 

I am helping my neighbor upgrade their machine, and am debating whether to
push them upgrade from xp home (crippled, imho) to xp pro. So many people
have such bad experiences with computing, simply due to running the wrong
software. This need not be!



"If you can't afford Prevention now, how will you afford disease later?"


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