64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 09:36:52 MDT 2008

Barry Roberts wrote:
> mplayer won't play ANYTHING on pulseaudio (for me) without skips and 
> pauses.  When I first installed f8 and pulseaudio on this machine, I 
> transcoded a DVD clip down to 320x240 xvid and it STILL would'nt play 
> it.  vlc is fine, and mplayer -ao oss is fine.  pulseaudio sucks.  I 
> just haven't gotten around to removing it.

What you meant to say is that for some reason on your configuration,
pulseaudio doesn't work at all.  Report a bug to your distro developer.

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