64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Tue Apr 22 09:27:17 MDT 2008

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Actually it Adobe is to blame here.  mplayer works fine for me in
> general, as does VLC, and every other open source audio/video program.
> None of these latter programs deal especially with pulseaudio.  Instead
> they just talk Alsa, which pulseaudio claims to be.
I'm sure Adobe is to blame, I'm just saying pulseaudio is really new and 
pretty much sucks.

> As for the videos that you speak of, mplayer has always struggled with
> them on any sound system.  Convert them to a sane format (like xvid or
> something) and they play much, much nicer.  Raw jpeg video streams are
> typically not dealt with well by any program other than QuickTime Player
> in my experience.
mplayer won't play ANYTHING on pulseaudio (for me) without skips and 
pauses.  When I first installed f8 and pulseaudio on this machine, I 
transcoded a DVD clip down to 320x240 xvid and it STILL would'nt play 
it.  vlc is fine, and mplayer -ao oss is fine.  pulseaudio sucks.  I 
just haven't gotten around to removing it.


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