backing up windows files to linux host

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Apr 21 21:59:19 MDT 2008

On 21 Apr 2008, at 19:28, Mike Lovell wrote:
> Greg Warner wrote:
>> I have a dreamhost account that has 500gb+ of space to which I'd  
>> like to
>> backup the contents of my "My Documents" folder on a windows machine.
>> Currently, I'm using the scripting features of WinSCP to do it.  It  
>> works
>> well, but the connection drops randomly at times (usually in the  
>> middle of a
>> large file), it makes no attempt to automatically reconnect, and  
>> when I
>> reconnect manually it doesn't really pick up where it left off.   
>> (I'm not
>> sure if it will ever go back and finish the file).
>> I've also read of cwRsync as being a viable option.
>> Anybody have any experience with this?
>> Greg
> <shameless plug> For backup, you should look at You can  
> even get 2GB for free.</shamless plug>
> Enough marketing though. For doing a back up to a remote location,  
> rsync is a great tool since it will only send over the differences  
> in files and can figure out where it left off in a backup. I would  
> install it with cygwin (mainly cause i do use cygwin occasionally)  
> and then set up a script to work through the windows 'scheduled  
> tasks' section of the control panel. That would be a somewhat simple  
> way of doing it.

Mozy++ (even on Mac)

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