Windows Music Management?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Apr 21 21:13:30 MDT 2008

Matthew Walker wrote:
> I'm in the market for a new tool to manage my growing collection of music in Windows.
> I've been using iTunes, but I'd like to switch to something that doesn't lock me in
> quite that much. I also have some wishlist items that I'd like to try an meet.
> My requirements for the Ideal Music Management Software:
> 1. Ogg Vorbis Support
> 2. FLAC Support
> 3. No DRM
> 4. iPod sync support
> And, optionally, but would absolutely make my day:
> 5. Keep multiple encodings of single tracks and keep them associated. Ideally, this
> should be used intelligently with the iPod sync support, so that it keeps low bitrate
> copies of my lossless tracks that get used for the iPod.
> Does such a beast exist?

Amarok?  I know there's win32 version in alpha.  Pretty soon it should
be as stable on Win32 and OS X as it is on Linux.  Have to say, it kicks
iTunes' butt in several ways.  ipod sync support on win32, though, from
any of the OSS systems, is pretty much nonexistent.  It works very well
on Linux, though (I wirelessly sync my ipod touch, something iTunes
can't do).

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