64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Mon Apr 21 16:21:13 MDT 2008

Wade Preston Shearer <lists at wadeshearer.com> writes:

>> Microsoft and Adobe aren't not programs, so they are neither
>> open-source nor closed-source.
> Cows are not ducks and therefore do not quack.

This is also true, but doesn't contradict anything I said.  My
statement (at least if you ignore the typo) refutes your statement
that Microsoft is closed-source.  C'mon now; are you arguing me
because you hate Microsoft or because you really don't think
Silverlight will be a potentially reasonable alternative in the
future?  If the latter, you might try making some substantive points
in your argument's favor.


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