64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Mon Apr 21 15:10:46 MDT 2008

Justin Findlay <justin at jfindlay.us> writes:
> It likes to crash not only your browser, but X too.  I can't believe how
> happy I was the first time it drew a little flash advertisement.  It was
> in it's own little window manager decorated window, but still.  Last
> time I tried it didn't work with strongbad.  I agree with Andrew.  All
> flash seems good for is strongbad and youtube, except I don't know why
> they couldn't have done youtube just with javascript.

How were you expecting to stream video with javascript?  Actually,
Flash is basically a language runtime based on ECMAScript with a
vector graphics, streaming video, and streaming audio interface.  So,
you're not far from the mark, it's just that browsers (in general)
don't have built-in animated vector graphics, streaming video, and
streaming audio.

Flash fills a need that isn't supplied by browsers, it does it in a
reasonable way, but it, unfortunately, has a crappy Linux


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