64 bit Linux, flash, and firefox ETA?

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Mon Apr 21 13:54:12 MDT 2008

Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> On 21 Apr 2008, at 10:46, Andrew McNabb wrote:
>> My laptop is PPC.  Flash will never be available for it.  Over time,
>> I've become more and more convinced that Flash is evil altogether.  It's
>> proprietary crap.
> Is there an open source alternative to Flash?  (OSFlash 
> http://osflash.org/ is not)

If you mean an open source vector graphics standard, there's SVG, but 
it's not as well supported by browsers yet.  If you mean open source 
flash player alternatives, I've seen some OS alternatives for flash 
plugins in OpenSuSE's YaST package manager.  I don't recall if any of 
them work for Firefox.  Evidently at least one works with Konquerer.

Brandon Stout
Stout Hosting LLC

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