backing up windows files to linux host

Brian Hawkins brianhks at
Mon Apr 21 13:38:45 MDT 2008

I've set up rsync on a windows box, once upon a time.  I would highly
recommend rsync for what you are doing.  It can be a little tricky if you
are not going to install the whole cygwin monty, but it can be done.


On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:15 PM, Greg Warner <gdwarner at> wrote:

> I have a dreamhost account that has 500gb+ of space to which I'd like to
> backup the contents of my "My Documents" folder on a windows machine.
> Currently, I'm using the scripting features of WinSCP to do it.  It works
> well, but the connection drops randomly at times (usually in the middle of
> a
> large file), it makes no attempt to automatically reconnect, and when I
> reconnect manually it doesn't really pick up where it left off.  (I'm not
> sure if it will ever go back and finish the file).
> I've also read of cwRsync as being a viable option.
> Anybody have any experience with this?
> Greg
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