Video Surveillance With Linux?

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Mon Apr 21 13:01:43 MDT 2008

We are moving into a new building, and want to set up some video  
surveillance both inside (in our warehouse) and outside (on the back  
wall/property of the building).

We purchased an all-inclusive solution from Costco:

However, the web-based features of it ONLY run in IE, and require you  
adjust your browser to accept unsigned active-x controls, etc.
Plus, the power supply that came with the cameras was DOA, and the  
interface is horrid.

So, I'm hunting for a better solution.

Here are basic requirements:
1) Provide a way to connect to at least 4 (more is better!) cameras  
around our building.  We do not have cameras yet, so could purchase  
whatever will work best.
2) Allow continuous or motion-activated recording on all camera  
3) Web-based access to real-time footage as well as review of recorded  
footage that will run in any browser - We mostly use Firefox on OS X  
4) Auto-rotate of video files, so that as the available disk space is  
used up, it erases the oldest videos to free up space for future  
5) Other spiffy ideas anyone can suggest?
6) Host it all on one of our linux servers.

Further, I'll need a bit of an education on how the physical  
connections are set up from cameras to software - ie, what plugs into  
what and where?  What exactly do I need to buy?

Thanks in advance for any input!

- Kimball

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