Linux, ever heard of it?

Levi Pearson levi at
Sun Apr 20 15:17:19 MDT 2008

sdlockhart at writes:

> I hate to throw cold water on the recent politic soap box rants, but
> it would  sure be nice to return to topic.
> There's this strange new O/S out there called Linux; any one every
> heard about it?
> What about this concept called Open Source?
> How about any new cool tech things going on in Provo itself?
> Firm believer in separation of Church and State, as well as Tech and
> Politics.

Well, get back with us when you have something to say about Linux,
okay?  I'm as happy as the next guy to be hearing about such things,
which is why all of us are here in the first place.  But when there's
no Linux news anyone feels like sharing, and some of us want to talk
about other things, I'm afraid that you're just going to have to learn
how to kill threads in your email client or something.

It's kind of funny that you mention Open Source and the separation of
Tech and Politics in the same rant, though.  At least you didn't say
Free Software. :P


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