(UTOPIA) Tax Alert : Stop 150% tax pledge increase

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Sat Apr 19 16:19:57 MDT 2008

Mister E <Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com> writes:
> I fell for this ideology myself for many years, so personally it's
> sorta like breaking an addiction where ya then have a strong reaction
> to being around the instruments of that addiction afterwards.  After
> studying a bit on this topic, this is why I'm passionate about
> Constitutional thingies and many of the related and popular
> misconceptions... even if it goes way off topic and gets a few folks
> upset (mostly from my approaches, rather than the topic).  But this
> does not preclude me from seeking or supporting remedies to any
> problems we face, I just don't want to associate it with basic rights,
> as that quickly turns into a slippery slope allowing issues to be
> subject to even more speculation as to what can be considered basic
> and core rights.

This reminds me more of the phenomenon associated with leaving a
religion than breaking an addiction.  People who leave a religion
don't usually become indifferent to it, they become active and vocal
opponents.  They throw themselves into studying all the ways their
past belief system could have been wrong, often once again veering
into another religion.  Your point of view makes much more sense to me
in this light.  The fact that this is a common phenomenon means
there's plenty of fodder out there for 'studying' the opposing point
of view to just about any religion or philosophy.

> If citizens forget why the Constitution exists and/or fail to protect
> the principles as intended, then it becomes just another piece of
> historical paper or a legal document to be archived away.  It is the
> basis for who we are as a country, It's the basis for what we believe
> in as collaborative entities and individuals.  It's a cornerstone in
> our greatness over the past couple of centuries.

I heartily agree with the sentiment you express here, though I imagine
we may have different views in the particulars.

> Mister Ed
> ps - I am done with this thread. Seems I have been more counter
> productive than helpful the last few years. I am about character
> building and helping those around me. That's why I'm in Open Source as
> well.  But seems I'm not going to be any use in those regards on this
> list as it started all wrong to begin with on day 1.  So I'll probably
> be unsuscribing shortly and leaving PLUG (I might just lurk in the
> shadows too) as I'm not looking to be the next Darth Vader of the
> list. I prefer to be the Yoda type.  I don't think I can change that
> perception now.  For those that I've come to know, thanks for
> accepting me as I am. For those I didn't get to know well, thanks for
> putting up with me, and to those that disrespect me:
> <beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep>.

I think someone just took offense!  Are you trying to exert power over

Sorry.  As far as I'm concerned, you're more than welcome to stay.
Disagreement is no reason for expulsion from a reasonable community.
In this thread, my theme has been one of compromise and mutual
understanding.  I certainly don't expect you to change what you
believe, but I think it would make future political conversations
progress more smoothly if you did not imply that others in the thread
were nasty evildoers who want to destroy society.  You can keep your
cute misspellings if you like, though.


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