(UTOPIA) Tax Alert : Stop 150% tax pledge increase

Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Sat Apr 19 04:33:14 MDT 2008

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> On second though, you deserve a more complete reply.
> On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 21:58 -0600, Mister E wrote:
>> Neither free basic education nor basic health care are basic human 
>> rights. A huge misconception as of the last few decades and usually more 
>> common among younger folks.  But the pursuit thereof is a basic right.
> Actually, you're wrong too. The only basic rights are those granted by
> tooth and claw. The pursuit of happiness is only a right to those strong
> enough to seize it.

So first you're wrong, then I'm wrong. Sounds like a never ending cycle 
of wrongness.  But the last point sounds like darwinism to me... a 
misused theology.

> As an advanced society, we are in a position to extend opportunity to
> everyone, not merely to those fortunate enough to be born into the best
> conditions. This is pure self interest. By deciding to recognize certain
> things as basic right we will extend to everyone, we benefit from the
> innovation of the most intelligent and the labor of the most motivated.
> Think of it like a scholarship. Why do universities grant scholarships?
> It's not that they're altruistic and flush with cash (though some would
> like us to believe it), but rather because by convincing the best
> students to study instead of pursuing other options (like
> entrepreneurship), they enrich the academic environment to the benefit
> of all.

but health care and education are NOT a basic right.  You can twist it 
anyway you want, and use parlor tricks to explain it away, but I still 
see misconception and good intentions in your cards.  I will however 
acknowledge that this is an age old battle of idears, dating back to 
even the drafting of the founding documents.  But the prevailing 
principles that I base my comments on are set forth in the Constitution, 
not in modern day interpretation as a some living document subject to 
the whims of mankind nor the good intentions of over zealous people to 
be considered advanced or progressive thinkers.

Would I like to see great health care for everyone at little or no cost. 
yes, I would. But at the expense of the people and the oversight of the 
Government? A resounding no!  Forced benevolence by the hand of 
government is only slavery under a different name.  So, we must retain 
what freedom we have remaining as the forthcoming propositions from 
fabian socialistic origins will seek to strip us all of our cherished 
rights, all in the name of the better good as an advanced society.  We 
must all stand guard against such encroachments, or suffer the decline 
associated with passive indifference to the affairs of government.

>> You are a smart 
>> feller, but a pretense to independence you have not.
> Your a smart feller, but you have a tendency to define the world
> according to what's most convenient for you. I was clearly talking about
> party affiliation.

no further comment other than, I have friends that call me Yoda and that 
line sorta came across unintentionally as an insult. I apologize for 
that.  But I think your reply was shallow and uninformed.

>> ps - taking offense is just a way to attempt control over others, and is 
>> sometimes used in conjunction with political correctness tactics.  So 
>> basically it only works on weak-minded individuals and/or those that are 
>> misinformed.
> ps - Don't take offense. I disagree with Bryan, but I respect him. I
> don't respect you. I don't appreciate the phony "good ole' boy" tone you
> adopt to avoid offending us with your superior intelligence. I don't
> appreciate your repeated implications that you are wiser, more
> experienced and more just than the rest of us. Don't take offense.

that's alright, you can use that tactic to build the us against Mister 
Ed position.  It's not uncommon when one feels threatened.

Phony?  Hum, well, that is about as truthful and insightful as someone 
saying yer a wannabe linux admin and only pretend to know something 
about linux.  The good ol boy is not an act. It's part of who I am. Yes, 
it does lessen the impact on some folks, sometimes, but I'm more than 
just a bumpkin you can disrespect at whim.

Maybe I am wiser and more knowledgeable in areas of politics and current 
issues, maybe I'm not.  But I am no casual observer.

Superior? no, I am not.  I don't take that road, at least not 
intentionally.  But someone will always see something wrong in someone 
and/or aspects of what they do, especially in written communication, but 
it's all relative to frame of reference and perceptions of the person. 
Add into the fray the fact that all contingencies cannot be accounted 
for when dealing with wild card type folks.

When it comes to technology, I respect and enjoy your take on things. I 
actually read your posts.  But when it comes to politics, I think of you 
as a diamond in the rough, and sometimes a bit on the fringes of 
coherent thought.  But I cherish and defend such freedoms, and so does 
my family.  But as of now, I don't care that you don't like my views or 
my experience or that I grew up for a portion of my youth on a rural 
ranch.  BUT, I will challenge the idears of others when appropriate, 
because I am not a push over buying into political correctness nor the 
notion of perceived open mindedness, even when someone is intolerant and 
doesn't accept who I am, nor my good ol boy mannerisms. So it doesn't 
matter if you respect me or not right now.  I'm not concerned with your 
personal opinion of me at this time because life is too short, and plus 
you don't have the foresight to engage me as a friendly counterpart, 
even if we don't see eye to eye.

As to your last reply and your past dealings, mostly with me, the one 
thing I don't respect in all that encompasses what I see as the real 
you, is that you are intolerant towards me and a few other folks and 
appear to never ever be satisfied, sorta like a cranky ex-wife, in my 
ever so unrespected opinion.  So the fact you that cannot tolerate me 
nor the way I "talk", seemingly deducting IQ points automatically and 
contesting the idear that someone with a perceived lower IQ could 
challenge you, I suspect this is all a journey into some darker aspect 
of who you really are.  I hope I'm wrong at some point, but so far you 
have not shown anything but hostility towards me, even from the very 
first day I posted a few years back...  right off I got: Screw the 
welcome wagons, just burn the ranch down to the ground" from you.  So I 
have not tried to impress nor befriend you lately, because you will 
never be satisfied with any performance I could put forth to be your 
friend or at least to a point of being able to engage in a friendly 
encounter with you online. But that will not stop me from challenging 
you when I disagree and/or find fault with something you say.

So much for Utopia.  It seems to be just a pipe dream, in more than one 
way for some folks.

Mister Ed

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