(UTOPIA) Tax Alert : Stop 150% tax pledge increase

Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Fri Apr 18 18:05:32 MDT 2008

Kyle Waters wrote:
> ps yes, I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but mostly I give away my time and 
> money not yours.

...then you are more of a conservative or mainstreamer than you think, 
if based only on that statement. Liberalism whitewashes itself as being 
more compassionate and knowledgeable than anything/anyone else, but it's 
not. It's more about incremental advancements of fabian socialism, 
darwinism, and the seeking of power for a few mega-wealthy folks using 
the "us against them" positioning to gain control of the unsuspecting 
masses, all the while making the gullible/uniformed populace feel good 
about the changes with good intentions and self-associations with such, 
gubermental appeasements or handouts, promised protection in exchange 
for ever diminishing individual rights, and state enforced compassion 
... Which is no UTOPIA at all, just a form of slavery controlling 
passive individuals in a collective framework.

So are you a liberal? I don't know for sure, but that one statement 
gives me a clue that you may not be what you say you are. And if you are 
a liberal, then you are not a true liberal because you give of yourself 
and not of the collective, which is true compassion and enlightenment... 
which is the duty and honor of all Americans, great and small.

Mister Ed

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