Mysql closing new features -- thoughts?

Matthew Walker mwalker at
Thu Apr 17 22:01:18 MDT 2008

On Thu, April 17, 2008 4:55 pm, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> The details don't seem to be clear. Does this mean they are changing the
> license for MySQL (away from GPL), or just adding more propritary software as
> support applications? Time will tell.

How is this not clear?

That is a comment from Marten Mickos, the former CEO of MySQL. A few key quotes:

> It is not a quesiton of close sourcing any existing code, nor anything in
> the core server. Everything we have released under GPL continues to be
> under GPL, and the core server will always be under GPL (or some other
> FOSS licence).

> Additionally we will develop high-end add-ons (such as encryption, native
> storage engine-specific drivers) that we will deliver to customers in the
> MySQL Enterprise product only. We have not yet decided under what licence
> we will release those add-ons (GPL, some other FOSS licence, and/or
> commercial).

He says several other things about a commitment to continue releasing the main server
under GPL, and mentions that if anything, Sun is going to encourage them to release the
features that are the focus of this whole situation under the GPL.

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