Mysql closing new features -- thoughts?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Thu Apr 17 16:55:38 MDT 2008

On Thu, April 17, 2008 07:48, Grant Shipley wrote:
> Recent article on slashdot ----
> This is not meant to be a flame war so please don't pollute my post
> with such comments.
> I am wondering what the group thinks about this. ---
> We (my company) have spent a lot of time an money recently getting our
> applications geared up for a major shift away from two other database
> systems to mysql.  Having read this article today I got a sick feeling
> in my stomach that maybe we are making the wrong move.  I am not sure
> I completely understand whats going to happen but it sounds like new
> features will be developed in a non open source fashion (backup etc).

The details don't seem to be clear. Does this mean they are changing the
license for MySQL (away from GPL), or just adding more propritary software as
support applications? Time will tell.

We have Jay Pipes (Community Relations Manager, North America at MySQL, Inc.)
scheduled to address PLUG in May. His topic will be fairly technical, but if
you are concerned about this he seems the guy to ask.


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