(UTOPIA) Tax Alert : Stop 150% tax pledge increase

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 11:58:11 MDT 2008

Bryan Sant wrote:
> 'The Canadian Supreme Court struck down a law forbidding private
> insurance in a 2005 decision, ruling that  "Access to a waiting list
> is not access to health care" The decision resulted from a Canadian
> case in which a man waited a year for hip-replacement surgery, and
> Canada has started down the road of privatization.'

This is an interesting statement.  Some parts of Canada have indeed
started down the road to privatization.  But privatization in general
does not lead to cheaper health care.

In Canada (not sure about the history of US utilities) that were
formerly public services (power, gas, etc) have been privatized over the
years, the idea being that the market would bring about cheaper
services.  This has proved to be complete and utter bu****ks.  In
Alberta, for example, where the electrical utility was privatized,
prices have doubled since privatization.  Gas prices (natural gas) have
also almost doubled.  This is not a supply and demand issue as there's
enough gas to run the entire province *and* export 70% to the US.
Coincidentally profits from said privatized services have skyrocketed.

Our own health care system in the US is also proof that private
companies *do not* lead to cheaper services, as proved by the fact that
we spend almost double on health care as a percentage of GDP as many
countries that have good (but struggling) health care systems.  If our
health care is twice as good as other companies, it's not reflected in
any real statistics of well-being, mortality rates, etc.

Turns out private companies are as ineffecient as governments, but maybe
for different reasons.

So saying that private companies and competition always brings about the
lowest cost is just not always true.  In many cases the intricacies of
the technologies and markets, particularly in the broadband industry,
merely lead to higher prices and greater profits for the telcos.  And
lower qualities of service.

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