(UTOPIA) Tax Alert : Stop 150% tax pledge increase

Justin Findlay justin at jfindlay.us
Thu Apr 17 10:21:01 MDT 2008

On AD 2008 April 17 Thursday 02:49:51 AM -0600, Chris wrote:
> Yes, fiber will probably go far by today's standards.  But who can
> predict what will come along in two or three decades?  If you think
> you can reliably predict which as-yet-invented networking technologies
> we'll all be using ten years hence, let alone twenty or thirty, I
> submit that you are kidding yourself. :-)  My own self-deluded
> prediction is that those technologies, whatever they may be, will make
> landline fiber-optics look like 9600 baud modems.  And yet we'll still
> be making payments on UTOPIA bonds.

Because fiber may be outmoded in the next 20 years is a rather silly
reason not to adopt the technology.  Besides, perhaps the guy who comes
up with the concept of hyperecoding narrow band radio waves will get his
idea from the existing fiber signaling methods.

UTOPIA's financial situation is rather bad and that is unfortunate, not
because it's UTOPIA, not because the name UTOPIA insinuates socialism as
the UTA would have us believe, but because it's the next generation


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