Mysql closing new features -- thoughts?

Stephen Shaw sshaw at
Thu Apr 17 08:25:59 MDT 2008

> Recent article on slashdot ----
>  This is not meant to be a flame war so please don't pollute my post
>  with such comments.
>  I am wondering what the group thinks about this. ---
>  We (my company) have spent a lot of time an money recently getting our
>  applications geared up for a major shift away from two other database
>  systems to mysql.  Having read this article today I got a sick feeling
>  in my stomach that maybe we are making the wrong move.  I am not sure
>  I completely understand whats going to happen but it sounds like new
>  features will be developed in a non open source fashion (backup etc).
>  Couple of reference points:
>  Read the comment by Marten Mickos (third comment down from top)
>  Seems very odd that Sun has recently taken the stand that open source
>  is good (Java) but then does this with some features of MySql.
>  --
>  grant

This was one of the slashdot comments quoting Marten Mickos

Marten Mickos Says:
April 16th, 2008 at 17:28:26

Thanks for all your comments on our business model. I wanted to
present here the quick facts around this to avoid misunderstandings:

In 6.0 there will be native backup functionality in the server
available for anyone and all (Community, Enterprise) under GPL.

Additionally we will develop high-end add-ons (such as encryption,
native storage engine-specific drivers) that we will deliver to
customers in the MySQL Enterprise product only. We have not yet
decided under what licence we will release those add-ons (GPL, some
other FOSS licence, and/or commercial).

Because the main backup functionality goes into the main server under
GPL, anyone can of course use the api and build their own add-ons or
other modifications.


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