(UTOPIA) Tax Alert : Stop 150% tax pledge increase

Justin Findlay justin at jfindlay.us
Wed Apr 16 10:05:51 MDT 2008

On AD 2008 April 15 Tuesday 12:10:56 PM -0600, Jonathan Duncan wrote:

> It read like propaganda to me as well.  That is one reason I was looking 
> for comments.  I have also heard good from people lucky enough to have the 
> connection.  I am not really questioning that.  I am questioning the 
> fundamentals of the project.  I would still love to have a fiber 
> connection, but at what cost?  In my opinion, this kind of project should 
> not really be run by a government organization.  There are better ways to 
> handle something like this that are "less socialized", and those are 
> through the capitalistic ventures of private entities.  If they are short 

You mean like telco monopolies that get government subsidies to do
nothing?  As far as I'm concerned UTOPIA/iProvo are the most forward
looking, progressive networks in the state.  Perhaps the reason these
cities decided to build out fiber networks is because the telco


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