SAN drives not visible

Dennis Muhlestein devel at
Wed Apr 16 08:57:12 MDT 2008

>  Any thoughts as to how I can get access to these drives?  Is it the
>  formatting?  If so, can I get access without reformatting?  Or might
>  it be a configuration option?  I just booted up linux, with the qlogic
>  firmware in /lib/firmware, but did no other configuration, since I
>  don't know how to deal with this type of device.  I just need to be
>  able to write to the raw devices.  So far, Google hasn't helped me.

You probably need to compile specific drivers for the device into the
kernel.  I don't know much about the hardware or the drivers but my
experience with Gentoo has been that usually things end up working if
you give the kernel the correct driver/parameters.  Dell may have
linux drivers somewhere.


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