SAN drives not visible

Derek Davis derek.davis at
Wed Apr 16 08:52:49 MDT 2008

I'm running Gentoo on a Dell PowerEdge 2550, with a PowerVault 650F
connected by fiber to a qlogic card.  Linux detects the card, and even
sees all the drives just fine.  However, I can't access the drives.

dmesg shows each drive being detected, though it gives an error about
using 520 bytes sectors rather than 512.  Devices are created, both sd
and sg, for all the drives.  However, if I try to access those devices
using head or fdisk, it fails.  fdisk /dev/sda will immediately fail,
saying it can't read the device.  head -c10 /dev/sg0 will just hang
till I kill it.  fdisk -l doesn't list those devices, nor are they in
/proc/partitions.  Apparently, there's supposed to be a qla2xxx
directory in /proc/scsi, but I don't have one.

Any thoughts as to how I can get access to these drives?  Is it the
formatting?  If so, can I get access without reformatting?  Or might
it be a configuration option?  I just booted up linux, with the qlogic
firmware in /lib/firmware, but did no other configuration, since I
don't know how to deal with this type of device.  I just need to be
able to write to the raw devices.  So far, Google hasn't helped me.


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