[OT] Promoting a Geek-Friendly Work Culture

Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Tue Apr 15 21:56:29 MDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 11:17:12AM -0600, Lars Rasmussen wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions for promoting a geek culture at their workplace?

Some of the comments on this I'll leave alone, as I'm not much into
oddball games. However, a few thoughts...

* Coddle their eyeballs. Geeks spend a lot of time looking at their
  monitors. Get them good ones. I just bought a second one for my
  desk. See to it their work places are well lit, and bring out the
  contrast on the monitors, so as to be easy on the eyeball. Cover
  their eyeballs in their insurance benefits, and be sure they can get
  good prostheses.

* See to it they have good, ergonomic chairs and other
  furniture. Support their backs. Let them be comfortable enough to
  work but not so comfortable that they go to sleep. Too much. Give
  them room to spread out; the typical cube doesn't do
  it. Claustrophobia is not conducive to productivity.

* Caffeine! Have good coffee, lots of it and set it up so they make
  their own, and keep the equipment clean themselves.

* Keep the distractions down. Let them alone to do their work. This is
  both an office design issue and a management issue. This means the
  work place should be quiet. Those who want loud music can have it:
  get them (or let them bring in their own) good earphones. Here
  "good" means both quality of sound and quality of sound dampening.

* Above all, keep them challenged. You don't have to pay geeks top
  dollar. You do have to keep them challenged or you won't keep them


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