Another wireless router question...

Matthew Walker mwalker at
Tue Apr 15 21:01:25 MDT 2008

In keeping with the recent trend of asking about wireless routers, I would like some

I want to get a wireless router to install at my parents house, for my wife to use while
she's staying there during the week (She spends half the week there because of work) so
that she can use the internet without interfering with my parents network connection.

My requirements are pretty simple:

Cheap (Less that $100)
Reliable (My wife and parents are both non-technical. It needs to Just Work)
Good range. (Shouldn't be a major issue... but the longer the better.)

I had been planning on picking up a WRT54GL and slapping DD-WRT on there, since it's
what I'm using at home, and it's been great, but I thought I'd see if there were any
other suggestions before I go that route.

Ideally, it should be available locally, but I'm not averse to ordering it online. That
just means another week of complaint before it arrives. ;)

Matthew Walker
Kydance Hosting & Consulting
LAMP & MU* Specialist

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