Home Router Recommendations?

Kimball Larsen kimball at kimballlarsen.com
Tue Apr 15 09:36:41 MDT 2008

So, like many of you, I've got some servers set up at my house to do  
things like serve my personal domains and handle my email, etc.

I currently use a somewhat old Netgear FVS318 (Version 1 - about 4  
years old) to act as my firewall/router - it works pretty well, but I  
have 2 issues with it:  first, I can only forward 16 ports with it -  
which means I occasionally have to decide on which services to disable  
to be able to enable others.  Secondly, it does not work properly with  
transferring files over IM, which is a tad annoying.

In the past I've used a full linux box as the router, and while that  
was more flexible, it was harder to set up initially and tweak when  

So, I'm interested to know what sorts of routers everyone has set up?   
Items that are important to me include:
	Ability to forward as many ports as I want (tcp/udp differentiation  
as well)
	Web-based configuration over ssl
	Cheap(ish) ( < $100)
	Intrusion detection/prevention
	DOS attack detection/prevention


- Kimball

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