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Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Apr 14 10:46:29 MDT 2008

Michael Torrie wrote:

> - In any language, including bash, I highly recommend using getopt to
> provide simple command line help and rudimentary switch processing if
> needed (which it's not in this case).  Right now, running the script
> without any arguments immediately starts doing some work, which is
> something that's a bit dangerous in my opinion (although we all do it!)

That's perfectly acceptable behavior for a filter. No generalizations, 
please. ;-) But all non-trivial programs should be required by law to at 
least have either a man page or -h output, preferably both. At least, 
don't make -h an important switch that might have side effects. Info and 
--help are poor subtitutes.

Hans Fugal ;

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