Recommendations for Hosted Exchange Providers.

Roberto Mello roberto.mello at
Mon Apr 14 06:31:30 MDT 2008

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 12:24 PM, LittleButty <littlebutty at> wrote:
> As a current DirectPointe customer, I would not recommend them unless your
>  organization has no IT resources at all.  I would go with Zimbra hosting or
>  install it in-house if I could do it over again:

I agree with Little Butty on this one. DirectPointe hasn't really
supported us well. They are way understaffed, with too many
clients-per-tech-support-person. They have hundreds of companies (each
with many users) as customers as about 20 tech support staff.

The result we see as customers is ver poor customer service. Their
ticketing system written in house is pretty bad. It takes too long to
get a ticket answered. Too long to get things resolved, so we end up
just solving it ourselves a lot of the time.

We recently had a critical episode where DirectPointe's exchange setup
was configured to delete e-mail it thought was Spam. Delete
completely. No quarantine. No logging. No nothing. We lost contracts
and customers because of it and it took 5 days of having an open
ticket labeled as CRITICAL for it to even be assigned to anyone, and
that's because I kept calling too.


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