Brand new Linksys PoE switch for cheap

Carl Youngblood carl at
Thu Apr 10 12:09:16 MDT 2008

I'm going to be putting this up on eBay, but before I did I thought I
would give first dibs to the locals.  We purchased a Linksys 24-port
10/100 + 2-port gigabit switch with webview and PoE for $392.92 from
Provantage about 45 days ago.  Here is the product:

It is a pretty nice switch with a lot of configuration options.  And
the PoE is great for somebody rolling out VoIP at their office.

We used it only once at last night's PLUG meeting because we didn't
have any other switches on hand, but otherwise it is brand new.  We no
longer need this fancy of a switch, so we are trying to recoup some of
our costs.

I'd be willing to part with it for $300 or best offer.  Please contact
me off-list if you are interested (carl at


Carl Youngblood
Confreaks, LLC

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