Putting Google's App engine to good use -- write plug.org with it!

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 17:17:57 MDT 2008

Clint Savage wrote:
> The only problem with this is that the plug meetings are already scheduled
> out until somewhere around August.
> And the UtahPython meeting this week *is* on Google App Engine (GAE).

I guess I'm saying that UtahPython should take advantage of this
presentation to write plug.org for us. :)

In seriousness, though, over the long term, developing plug.org on
google's app engine (would take significant time) would resolve the
longstanding issue of server hosting for the group.

Perhaps in time, we'll see high-level CMS frameworks for Google
AppEngine crop up that could be used to rapidly deploy a working,
dynamic site for plug.org (or anyone!).  Something like Drupal, but
written in Python and Django under the hood.


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