Improving Spam Filtering?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Apr 7 17:36:31 MDT 2008

On 07 Apr 2008, at 09:07, Hans Fugal wrote:

> Also I recommend setting your timeout to something like 30 seconds.  
> The one disadvantage of greylisting is that when you sign up for a  
> new account on a website you have to wait for that email to come  
> through. Sometimes they have a button to resend the activation  
> email, which will come through after the timeout. It stinks to have  
> to wait 5 minutes to hit that button, but 30 seconds is almost up by  
> the time you checked your email, saw it wasn't there, and remembered  
> you have greylisting.

Have you used greylist milter or just postgrey?  I am thinking of  
adding grey listing to my server and am wondering which is the best.

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