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Hans Fugal hans at
Mon Apr 7 14:31:13 MDT 2008

Andres Gonzalez wrote:
> As you can tell, I am new to Ubuntu. The different root login 
> architecture in Ubuntu I can live with--actually I think I kind of like it.
> But where is /etc/inittab in Ubuntu?  Why is it not there?  Why can I 
> not go from console mode to graphics mode using telinit?  In fact, why 
> does telinit not seem to even work in Ubuntu?
> I guess I am just learning how different from each other these distros 
> can actually be.

I think it's because they use upstart[1]. As for going from one "mode" 
to another, the Debian way is that you can use runlevels for whatever 
you want but they're all the same by default, so using telinit to change 
runlevels won't go from one "mode" to another (unless you set up your 
runlevels like that manually). I would assume Ubuntu follows suit.


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