Ubuntu command line installation + minimal X.

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Mon Apr 7 00:04:46 MDT 2008

Charles Curley <charlescurley at charlescurley.com> writes:

> If I install twm and xorg, that goes fine. If I then install emacs22,
> the process removes a bunch of stuff, and I have to re-install twm and
> xorg to get emacs to run over SSH. So I'm missing some magical
> incantation or special package to install; what am I missing?

My guess is that there's some sort of dependency conflict going on
between what gets installed by default in xubuntu when you install
xorg and twm first and what gets installed when you install
emacs22-gtk.  Using the 'aptitude show' command you can see precisely
what dependency information is associated with each package.

>From a quick glance at the dependencies of the xorg package, it looks
like there are several that have alternatives.  My guess is that
installing xorg and twm causes it to choose alternatives that end up
being incompatble later when you try to install something that brings
in gtk libs.  Since xorg and twm are depending on those, they get
uninstalled.  But when you install them later, the compatible
alternatives are chosen.

I am a little confused about why you need xorg and twm on the same box
as emacs, though.  I thought the idea was to have emacs display on a
different machine than it was running on?


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