Recommendations for Hosted Exchange Providers.

Mike Lovell mike at
Sun Apr 6 23:18:00 MDT 2008

Steve Morrey wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I have a client who is outgrowing their in house exchange server (this
> server is hosting EVERYTHING including his website so we're moving him away)
> and he will need a good reliable hosted exchange provider.
> Since Exchange (or anything MS for that matter) isn't my strongest point, I
> was hoping that someone on the list might be able to make some good
> recommendations that I can present to my client.
> The needs are pretty basic.
> 4 mailboxes, with Active Sync for contacts, customizable spam filter and of
> course backups and AV.
> Any suggestions folks?
> Sincerely,
> Steve
I used Intermedia ( for a few months at work. They 
seemed to have almost everything exchange 07 can do available as a 
hosted service. We actually had things set up so that mail first bounced 
off of our own mail server and then the accounts we had for exchange got 
forwarded over the Intermedia servers. It actually worked pretty well 
while we were using it. So there is one recommendation.


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