Parted on OSX Volumes?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Apr 4 17:09:42 MDT 2008

Justin Findlay wrote:
> On AD 2008 April 04 Friday 11:45:57 AM -0600, Justin Findlay wrote:
>> IMO case sensitivity is so 1980's and not worth it unless you have a
>> compelling reason.  Why would apple work it into their filesystem on
>> purpose?
> I actually meant case insensitivity.  Oops. :-)

That's better!  For average users on some apps, using, say openoffice,
it's far more useful to have the app act in a sort of case insensitive
way in their file save and open dialogs, but leave the file system case
sensitive.  I believe all KDE apps act kind of like that.  If you start
typing a file name in a dialog box, it will suggest completions,
including existing files that match what you are typing but have a
different case.  If you really want a file name that differs only in
case, you still can, though.

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