MythTV for iPhone

Chad masterclc at
Thu Apr 3 12:37:25 MDT 2008

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 9:50 AM, Chris Carey <chris.carey at> wrote:
>  It would be awesome if we could get ffmpeg to transcode on-the-fly and
>  stream on a file that is still being written to. This could open up
>  the door to live TV watching. However, on my hardware it is taking
>  appx 1 hour to transcode the file to quicktime on a 1 hour show! not
>  too snappy, not sure if on-the-fly will be possible.
>  There are already significant improvements on my development branch
>  over what is being shown in the demo.
>  --
>  Chris

I'm no math genius, but wouldn't that be perfect for LiveTV then?  I
would think that would be "minimum requirements" per se to be able to
do it since you've got a 1 min = 1 min "mapping".  I guess you would
theoretically be 2-3 minutes behind actual LiveTV to provide enough
buffer to begin transcoding, but anyone who uses MythTV is already a
good couple seconds (maybe 10-12?), what's an extra couple hundred
seconds ;)


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