Parted on OSX Volumes?

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Thu Apr 3 12:24:39 MDT 2008

So, I have a MacBookPro that I got last year sometime - about 10
months or so ago.  I made the mistake of partitioning it with the
standard OS X filesystem, journaled, case sensitive.

Yesterday my shiny new copy of Photoshop Elements arrived, and I can't
install it because my file system is case sensitive.  So, I've got to
convert it.

I use Time Machine to do backups (for those of you who know what that
is), which will let you restore an entire volume, so I reformatted the
drive non-case sensitive, and restored from the time machine backup.

The restore converted the drive back to case-sensitive.  Now that's
what I call a backup.

So, I'm wondering if anyone knows about the following:

Can parted or some other tool non-destructively adjust partitions in
HFSJ and HFSX format?
What options exist for boot CD/DVD with proper tools to make the
filesystem conversion?

For more info on HFSJ/X, see here:


- Kimball

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