MythTV for iPhone

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Wed Apr 2 17:11:48 MDT 2008

Yet another teaser... I will begin releasing source on this project
hopefully this weekend.
It will be released under GPL. You can check out the demo on the web
page and see what its like.


MythTV for iPhone allows you to watch your TV shows recorded on your
MythTV DVR on your iPhone.

The software combines the work of many great programmers into one
application. What I'm bringing to the mix is the iPhone UI integration
with Myth, and database interaction. It allows you to browse your
recorded shows, and look at show details. You can stream any recorded
show to the iPhone wirelessly. The picture is very good and fills the
screen in landscape mode. It will eventually also allow you to control
your (PC based) MythFrontend as a web-based remote control.

The technology behind it is MythTV (The Open-Source DVR), PHP for the
backend, Smarty and iUI for the frontend.

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