boot old pc from usb

Brian Hawkins brianhks at
Wed Apr 2 06:49:55 MDT 2008

I have this IBM 300pl 600Mhz that I've been running Linux on and it runs
great.  The problem is that the hard drive bearings are starting to fail and
creating more noise then I care for.

The Linux install takes up only about 3gigs of space so, I had this great
idea of replacing the hard drive with an 8gig USB thumb drive.  The problem
is the computer is so old it doesn't know how to boot from a USB device.
One option I've thought of (but don't know how to go about) is to put the
boot partition on a CD or floppy just to get it started and then have the
rest on the USB drive.

Can any Linux geek out there think of a clever way of doing this?


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