Wireless network for funs and profit.

Joshua Lutes huzzak at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 00:13:02 MDT 2008

So, I was reminded of this website yesterday that talks about messing with
wireless internet thieves.


I have a cheap Belkin wireless router, and a spare desktop with a wireless
internet card.  I've been wanting to try and set up my wireless network so
that I'll have more control over it, maybe be able to access it from school
and ... to play the games described in the link above.  I've tried to do
some research into the subject, but I think it is one of the situations
where I don't know anything and so I don't know how nor where to start so as
to not be knowing nothing.

I found these two links that describe using Ubuntu Server to setup a
wireless network.  Are they something like what would be useful in order to
do what I described?  What are other good resources to get going on not
being so ignorant?




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