Programming Language Mascots

Joshua Lutes huzzak at
Tue Apr 1 23:58:45 MDT 2008

> If you haven't had enough experience with various languages to form an
> opinion of your own, let me recommend Python. I prefer Perl and Ruby,
> but I have deep respect for Python because it's a language deliberately
> designed to encourage good design and a community that teaches good
> design.
I've been learning Perl for my work (linguistics stuff with a lot of textual
manipulation), but I have been really wanting to learn Python.  I'm hoping
that during the spring/summer terms I'll have enough time to dig into it
seriously.  I am kind of disappointed with the regular expression in Python,
though.  They seems so clunky compared to Perl, though I guess it is pretty
much on par with the C++ boost library (the only other one I've ever used).

As far as web programming goes, I guess Ruby and Perl go together?  I ... I
don't know for sure that I understand the issue about web templating
system.  I know that Python can pretty handily be used for web output.  Hmm.


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