Is anyone using Skype for their phone service?

Jared Bellows plug at
Sat Sep 29 22:22:14 MDT 2007

On 9/29/07, Bradley Dorner <bddorner at> wrote:
> I am looking at Skye as a possible replacement for most of my phone line
> at home and for a small business.
> I was wondering if anyone else has done this or what experiences people
> have had with Skype?
> I noticed that there are packages like skype pro and skype in that might
> provide the basics of what
> I am looking for, people can call me from any phone and I can call any
> phone in the US.
> Anyway, what information can you give me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brad

I don't have much experience with Skype but it appears that you have
received quite a bit of feedback on that aspect. I'd like to echo Michael's
suggestion of Gizmo. For my second line at home I have a SIP ATA connected
to a Asterisk PBX (runs on a Pentium 233 MHz with 64MB RAM) that in turn is
connected to Gizmo. I buy Gizmo Out minutes for outbound calling. For
inbound I have a phone number from IPKall (, which is
free albeit located in Washington state or I use SIPBroker's( PSTN gateway numbers to
access my Asterisk PBX (I've registered my PBX with SIPBroker, *8135).

Now, this is my second line so I don't care too much about the IPKall number
needing to change and if I wanted, I could use the free Nevada number that I
have from Gizmo (just requires me to press 1 to accept the incoming call)
which hasn't changed on me ever and I haven't used it once. If I were to use
it for a business, I'd look into a Gizmo In number.

All in all I'm satisfied with my setup and the true test for me was to see
if my wife would use it and she does. :-)

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