Is anyone using Skype for their phone service?

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Sat Sep 29 10:03:22 MDT 2007

Scott Barlow wrote:
> This year I bought a year subscription of Skypeout so that it would replace
> my home office phone. The good part is that my phone goes with me anywhere,
> as I use a wired headset. The disadvantage was that I had to be at my PC
> always to make and receive calls. I believe a Wi-Fi phone would have been
> more convenient. But the biggest downer was that most of my prospects and
> customers that I had been calling would complain that I never had a caller
> ID, so they could tell it was me calling. For better or worse, everyone I
> know seems to screen their calls, and this was the largest inconvenience.

Actually you don't need to be at your computer to use skype.  They sell
these little USB boxes that have a plug for your phone.  Then some
software will ring a regular phone when a call comes in (either on skype
or skype-in from a normal phone number), and let you dial out (using
skype-out) using a normal handset.  This actually works with gizmo too,
even on linux (requires some hacking of scripts, though).

Even still, skype's voice quality is just plain awful with all these

> So for $15/month I added a second line with the Utopia fiber to my house,
> and I can forward calls to my cell if ever out of the office. Lately I also
> got a GrandCentral number that I plan to use as a master number, but haven't
> yet, as I'm afraid one day Google is going to start charging an amount for
> it, enough that I get uninterested in using it.
> Bottom line is, I felt Skype wasn't good enough for even a small home office
> to help me run my business. You may have a different experience.
> Regards,
> Scott
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