Is anyone using Skype for their phone service?

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Sat Sep 29 09:49:17 MDT 2007

Bradley Dorner wrote:
> I am looking at Skye as a possible replacement for most of my phone line at home and for a small business. 
> I was wondering if anyone else has done this or what experiences people have had with Skype? 
> I noticed that there are packages like skype pro and skype in that might provide the basics of what 
> I am looking for, people can call me from any phone and I can call any phone in the US. 
> Anyway, what information can you give me?

Yes.  My sister uses it.  And we all hate it for several reasons.  The
sound quality after passing through several analog-digital conversions
is awful, and the delay is very noticeable.  Neither issue is noticed
when talking skype-to-skype, however.

I'd suggest you look at gizmo and sip instead of skype.  It seems to
have better voice quality, and it's an open protocol so you can use any
number of providers and compatible hardware.  People install asterix
servers and work with SIP to do all kinds of cool things.

In short, don't do skype; there are better alternatives.  Also check
into asterix PBX software.  There are many asterix gurus on this list.


> Thanks in advance,
> Brad
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