The Lost Sheep Challenge

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Fri Sep 28 16:28:57 MDT 2007

Levi's answer seems to make the most sense.  Assuming you're not going
after the lost sheep, but rather going about it the hard way looking at
99 tags, I feel that you would be approaching the Random Walk.  For example:

I assume that the sheep won't be permanently frozen in place while you
check the tags.  It's just not realistic.  They'll be moving.  So,
without some sort of marking tool (an RPN stack in your calculator is
about all you can rely on here), how can you be sure you didn't check
the same tag twice?

Further, how can you know which ones are checked, and which aren't?
What happens if you miss a tag or two or three?  Which sheep is it?
Removing the tags would work, but then you have to put them all back on
the same sheep, which is highly inefficient.

Thus, it makes best sense, and definitely the most practical, to go
after the lost sheep, rather than deal with the 99.
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Levi Pearson wrote:
> Step 1: Find the lost sheep (you're going to do this anyway, right?
> Better to look first, so it has less time to wander).
> Step 2: Look at its id tag.
> :P
>                 --Levi
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