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Fri Sep 28 14:33:12 MDT 2007

There is quite the uproar as of late about whether or not you can strip
a BSD license from it's software, and relicense it as GPL, or some other

Theo DeRaadt, the king of controversy, is at it again, raising Cain, and
making his voice heard.  In his latest stunt, he actually makes a valid
point, even if he is untactful about it.  The problem is this: some
people think that the BSD license means you can take the code,
distribute it in binary or source form, and strip the BSD license.

The point he's is making, I think, is that you can take BSD code, and
wrap it in the GPL, like in the case of the Linux kernel, but you must
keep the BSD license in tact.  He's pointing fingers saying this isn't
necessarily the case, that Linux kernel developers are stripping the BSD
license from their code, and relicensing it.  This is clearly in
violation of the law.  The post can be read in full here:

Thoughts?  Comments?
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