Advantages of Fiber

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I've had several broadband type connections over the years and they are not all the same. I switched from digis to comcast because of the speed and reliability. My digis signal would have problems, primarily during the  summer,  would drop in and out. Trees would cause me problems in blocking the signal. With comcast I did not have this problem. I used comcast for several years until Utopia came to my area. At that time Mstar and comcast came to my home and offered me fiber. Comcast was offering nothing new. Fiber up to a point and cable from there. They were also offering the same price and speed that I already had, basically half of the download speed offered on Utopia and nothing compared to the upload speeds.

Now for my Utopia experience. As I mentioned, I had Mstar come to my home offering their services. I fell for it. Their service was not bad, but I was not getting anything better then what I experienced with Comcast. I actually did speed test to various locations where I knew I was frequenting. Upload speeds were much better, but I expected more. For example, I would constantly download files that averaged 145 MB. It was taking me between 3 hours and 3 days, generally closer to 4 hours to download these files. For various reason and mis information, in my oprinion, I decided to switch to xmission.  Once on xmission I noticed several things. First my speed tests were better, slightly. Now on utopia slightly for me would be a megabyte or more on the tests. Not enough to make me stand up and jump but I was getting closer. What made me jump was that the 145 MB files were now downloading in less then an hour. There is a difference between providers. 

I also have been using VOIP for years. Sense going to Utopia my voip service has been better. I would have problems, prior to my move to utopia, with echos and bad connections. These bad connections were not real common, as in daily, but would happen once a month or so. Often enough that my wife wanted me to go back to a land line. Sense the move to Utopia I have not had a single problem, and my wife has not complained once.

Fiber is better, but it is the service provider that makes it great. I always want more, but I feel Xmission will give it to me as it becomes available through them.

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> Look at my example.
> I have Utopia Fiber in my house in Orem, but my Internet service is
> being provided by Xmission, Xmission is doing so over that Utopia
> Fiber.  Prior to Xmission, I had MStar.

That is some reply Steve. Very impressive!

I have Mstar right now with Utopia in Orem as well. Why the switch to



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