Advantages of Fiber

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Fri Sep 28 08:29:42 MDT 2007

Spanish Fork was going to go fiber to the house, but because of cost
only went fiber to the node and coax the remainder of the way. However
with the way Spanish Fork did the network they could swap out the coax
with fiber by just pulling out the coax, and replacing with fiber in the
conduits. The senator just hasn't been educated on the way the network
has been setup. It was really nice because after the people in Spanish
Fork decided to take the broadband issue up themselves instead of
waiting on the private sector. The private sector afterwards suddenly
decided they should upgrade all of the systems. This included Comcast,
and Qwest at the same time. Some coincidence since the former two
monopolies in their respective market suddenly had a competitor THE
CITY. The people of Spanish Fork are the ones who wanted broadband and
when private companies don't listen, projects like what occurred in
Spanish Fork happen. The project wasn't done to please investors in
which Qwest, and Comcast seem to be too busy doing, and so won't upgrade
infrastructure for the broadband that people are asking for.

On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 18:39 -0600, Kyle Waters wrote:
> I was at a meeting of a state legislative committee and a state senator 
> from Spanish Fork said he had seen no advantages of fiber in American 
> Fork.  So I have come to this list to find out if his assessment is 
> correct or what went wrong in Spanish Fork.  Do you know of businesses 
> or people that moved their because of the fiber?
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