The Linux IDE Debate

Steve smorrey at
Thu Sep 27 21:50:55 MDT 2007

Well I didn't exactly say I wasn't familiar with Linux IDEs.
And I wasn't trying to imply that was the case.
What I am trying to say is that I don't normally use them, unless I
have good cause to.
But I realize also that what I'm doing may not be "the norm".  And if
a project is large it's actually very inefficient not to use an IDE
especially if I have to perform a refactor on existing code.

I agree you wholeheartedly on point 3 though.  Unless a project is
large enough to warrant it, I see no point in using an IDE when a text
editor and a command line will suffice.

On 9/27/07, Jeff Schroeder <jeff at> wrote:
> > If so what IDE would you recommend?
> I wouldn't.
> 1) You said yourself that you use straight text editors, so you're not
> very familiar with Linux IDE's and would probably struggle to write
> about using one (or more) with your project.
> 2) As you pointed out, there are several popular IDE flavors (and
> certainly plenty of obscure ones) and people all have their personal
> favorites.  So even if you pick, say, Eclipse, the majority of your
> audience probably won't be Eclipse users and will therefore
> just "translate" your instructions into their own IDE anyway.
> As an aside, I've attempted to use several different ones (Eclipse and
> Quanta/KDevelop recently) and always fall back to my beloved vi.  I can
> manipulate text in vi so quickly that I'd never match that speed in an
> IDE.  With syntax highlighting, function completion, code folding,
> split views, and multiple file capabilities in my vi clone of choice
> (Elvis), I don't really even need an IDE.
> $0.02,
> Jeff
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