The Linux IDE Debate

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Thu Sep 27 21:06:10 MDT 2007

> If so what IDE would you recommend?

I wouldn't.

1) You said yourself that you use straight text editors, so you're not 
very familiar with Linux IDE's and would probably struggle to write 
about using one (or more) with your project.

2) As you pointed out, there are several popular IDE flavors (and 
certainly plenty of obscure ones) and people all have their personal 
favorites.  So even if you pick, say, Eclipse, the majority of your 
audience probably won't be Eclipse users and will therefore 
just "translate" your instructions into their own IDE anyway.

As an aside, I've attempted to use several different ones (Eclipse and 
Quanta/KDevelop recently) and always fall back to my beloved vi.  I can 
manipulate text in vi so quickly that I'd never match that speed in an 
IDE.  With syntax highlighting, function completion, code folding, 
split views, and multiple file capabilities in my vi clone of choice 
(Elvis), I don't really even need an IDE.

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